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IBF Servizi e spektra agri-vantage italia: una partnership per vincere le sfide più complesse del presente e del futuro

The partnership announced in March will allow Spektra Agri-Vantage Italia, the Trimble® brand importer, to combine its solutions with those of IBF Servizi, which will benefit from Spektra's capillary distribution network. 

Two leading players in their respective fields with a single and common innovative vision of agriculture: these are the bases on which the important partnership between IBF Servizi, a leader in precision farming and Spektra Agri | Vantage Italia, a company specialising in applied technology, importer and distributor of the Trimble®, Muller, Precision Planting and Agro Intelligence brands, was born.

Last March, IBF Services signed an important distribution agreement with Spektra Agri, thanks to which the company will be able to combine its package of technological solutions with the know- how of IBF Servizi,, integrating its offer of digital services for the precision agriculture. At the same time, the agreement will allow IBF Servizi to count on a widespread distribution network throughout the country..  

Sharing values, but also a clear and ambitious mission, can be summed up in the following objectives: 

  • improvement of the competitiveness of Italian agriculture, 
  • increasing quality, 
  • reduction of costs,
  • respect for eco-sustainability.. 

These are objectives that are made concrete and practicable through the large-scale use of precision agriculture. 

Starting from this awareness and this desire, the two players have decided to join forces and expertise in order to be able to offer a top-quality service to their customers with unique professional skills, know-how and expertise on the Italian market. 

Spektra Agri | Vantage Italia will supply the most avant-garde technological solutions - such as Trimble® technology for which Vantage is the official distributor in Italy - while IBF Servizi, the most important Italian company in the supply of advanced services in digital and precision agriculture, will put its know-how and skills acquired and applied on the more than than 90,000 hectares managed in Italy over the years, at the customers' service. 

The union of two top leaders to enable the agricultural supply chain to to face and win the most complex challenges of the present and the future.