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IBF Servizi partner del Master di primo livello – AGRICOLTURA DI PRECISIONE dell’Università di Teramo

IBF Servizi is partner of First Level Master - PRECISION AGRICULTURE promoted by theUniversity of Teramo in collaboration with the University of Salerno, the University of Florence, the University of Tuscia, the University of Padua, the National Research Council and CREA Ricerca.

As a partner of this important university course, IBF Servizi will host the students of the Master's degree in Precision Agriculture for on-site visits and will offer them internships and in-company placements.

L’degree in Precision Agriculture represents the most advanced integrated management system for agricultural production, whose rational decisions per unit of area and per unit of time, generate clear economic, environmental and social benefits. 

A recent survey on the state of the art of Precision Farming in Italy, relating to research projects carried out and in progress, confirms the orientation towards development in the EU and how its commitment is expected to increase rapidly over time, also due to the financial support for system innovation provided by the Common Agricultural Policy (C.A.P.).

 However, fordegree in Precision Agriculture to be fully and rationally applied, it is necessary to meet the related training and information needs, to manage the complexity of tools and processes, in order to rationally enhance interventions and exploit benefits. 

L’The methodological approach of the Master's course is based on a multi-skills, inter-intra and multi- disciplinary approach, with the priority aim of empowering the professional skills required by the new agriculture, which is increasingly interactive and interconnected in the various stages of the agri-food chain until the final consumer.

This is the methodology of the Master's course whose coordinator is Professor Michele Pisante, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BF Spa.

  1. Precision agronomy
  2. Precision devices and equipment
  3. Economic assessments
  4. Forecasting modelling
  5. Precision sensors and applications
  6. Precision Viticulture
  7. Precision irrigation
  8. Environmental conditionality and irrigation scheduling
  9. Irrigation scheduling
  10. Robotic and remotely piloted aerial systems
  11. Precision animal husbandry/Farm information systems

Would you like to join the Master's course?

To enroll in the Master's course click on the following link of the University of Teramo.