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Digital innovation for AgriFood

IBF Servizi is active on the national market with Agronica-branded services and products for agricultural and agri-food companies and supply chains.

ALL-in-1: Agronica

Agronica is the most performing and powerful platform serving Agriculture 4.0

Agriculture 4.0

Agronica provides a complete suite at the service of what Agriculture 4.0 would become

Campaign Management

A timely and up-to-date management of crop plans is the foundation of a modern farm

Quality, Sustainability, Traceability

It provides fundamental tools for quality control and supply chain tracking

Management Processes

Agronica is able to provide an integrated and adapted solutions for all company phases starting from field to sale


Internet is everywhere and Agronica is with it: in soils, machines, people and trade

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IBF Servizi S.p.A.

Via Cavicchini, 9 44037 Jolanda di Savoia (FE)

+39 0532 836355

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