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Agronica: The platform

Agronica develops professional software solutions for the agri-food sectora sector in which it represents a reality of excellence and a point of reference in information technology.
Agronica provides a range of digital and innovative products useful to the world of Cooperatives, POs, Associations, Industries, individual Farms, as well as service structures in agriculture.
Our staff is highly qualified and composed of technical IT profiles as well as specialists in agrotechnical and food technology disciplines. Our Partners are the most qualified in the field of specific technologies dedicated to the life cycle of agricultural products and food processing, in research and service, to production companies.

Campaign Management on the Map

AGRONICA GIS mapping system

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A powerful tool that makes it easier to handle the most complex situations

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The most comprehensive and professional database for agricultural regulatory support

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Managing the processing warehouse

AGRONICA FRESH&FOOD allows you to optimise all processes

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Supply Chain Support Systems

AGRONICA supports the supply chain by providing essential tools for the production process

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A farm is first of all a business

A single integrated platform for campaign management and standard accounting can be a competitive advantage

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Nursery management

Agronica enables the entire management of a nursery

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Agronica is a competent platform in the livestock sector

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Data from the platform can be used to draw up farm sustainability reports and to provide accuracy in communication

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This finds the environmental impact of a single packet of pasta

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Digital soil maps

They ensure modern production and/or landscape planning

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Campaign management in your hand

The AGRONICA management platform makes it possible to manage with a single, modular and integrated tool all the management processes supporting and organizing the entire life cycle of the agri-food product

Comprehensive Farm Management

Logbook, crop and land plans, GIS, and decision support tools

Farm management

Comprehensive multilevel database, management control, administration and accounting, scheduling and document archive

Complete supply chain control

Sustainability, traceability, audits, surveys, quality document processes, checklists

Management Control Certification

The platform can be integrated with the ones of leading certification institutions at European level.

The control body will benefit from a platform on which findings, non-conformities, audit checklists, information process workflows and related information flow milestones can be included. The data structures and related reports in the Traceability Subsystem (and also in the Sustainability Analysis Subsystems, etc.) can be generated according to pre-established certification schemes and thus be offered for final control and certification.

Our precision farming data are arranged in management platforms, DSS and Track and Trace solutions that are interoperable and integrable with all major ERPs in use at companies.

They are true supply chain control consoles that can vastly improve the transparency, traceability and social, economic and environmental sustainability of the supply chain.