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  Il Metodo A³​   


This is how we have named our method, it makes us different from others and guarantees that nothing will be left to chance.

IBF Services are the result of know-how developed in-house, tested on a plot scale and subsequently confirmed in the field.

Research and Development

IBF Services
Research and innovation in the sector

thanks to turnover invested in research and development

Testing and development of new models in field trials on a plot and field scale of

annual turnover allocated to software development

Scientific Committee

IBF Servizi has identified national and international research bodies and universities with a specialization in their fields of activity as scientific partners with whom to collaborate in order to consolidate the services already available today and to develop new solutions that are increasingly suited to meet the needs of the end customer. The company promotes applied research activities and benefits from the technology transfer that these institutions can provide. IBF Servizi also has a scientific committee made up of experts with recognised scientific and professional qualifications. The scientific committee is an advisory body for coordination and scientific guidance that supports IBF Servizi in generating models and improving data processing. The scientific committee coordinates the ongoing updating of IBF Servizi's offer in order to propose state-of-the-art services to its customers.

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