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Incontro tecnico del gruppo operativo Sottali – 23 febbraio a Piozzano (Pc)

In the framework of Measure 16 of the RDP Emilia Romagna Focus Area 3A, the SOTTALI Operational Group for Innovation (GOI) SOTTALI has been set up to deal specifically with issues concerning the regional meat supply chain, with the specific aim of improving animal feed and implementing precision farming and zootechnical techniques.

During the event, the project and its main activities will be presented and it will be possible to visit the farm's barn, one of the project sites where the 4.0 agriculture techniques are developed and applied, both for the cultivation of fodder crops and for the management of beef cattle breeding.

During the event we will talk about:

  1. Smart supports for the meat supply chain
  2. Report on the study trip to France
  3. Focus on partner companies
  4. Guided tour of a Piemontese cow breeding farm
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